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Augmented Reality

Working with Tyler at FutureTalk was a mind-blowing experience. The path from concept inception to execution was both wildly playful and astoundingly efficient.

The opportunity to watch him problem-solve and interface to confront and conquer massive challenges in the creative process has been one of the true pleasures of my career, and has clarified just how deep his knowledge and relationship with technology extends. What an honour to collaborate with such a talented team.




An intimate innovation exchange among industry game changers.

What a privilege. Thank you Tyler.
FutureTalk is just that, a translation of what is to come, into a format of such effortless collaboration, here you are working on the cutting edge, at times you are the very ones cutting that edge, and still in this technological frontier you are home, with good hearted people that seek only to bring beautiful and positive work into this world.
I’ve been collaborating with Futuretalk for many years, and can’t think of anyone I would rather pursue the future with.

From advanced projection mapping, to immersive experience design, to pioneering mixed reality capture methods, Futuretalk has been my go-to source for innovation, inspiration and application. If you want to create magic, work with Futuretalk!
Tyler was able to totally transform the feel of the venue in a short period of time and with some highly creative ideas.

Even though he wasn’t given a lot of lead-around time to prepare, he hit all the key moments in the set, and took it from being just a show to being an experience. He was also great to deal with, helped source the rentals, total pleasure and pro all-around.
  • Consultation, Script Development, and Storytelling
  • Motion Graphic Design and Animation
  • Live Action Video and Visual Effects
  • Mono and Stereoscopic 360° Video Production
  • Mono and Stereoscopic 360° 2D & 3D Animation
  • Stereo, Surround, and Spatial Audio Design
  • Web-based Interactive Experiences
  • Virtual Reality Applications
  • Mixed Reality Virtual Productions
  • App or Web Augmented Reality with Phones and Tablets
  • AR Projection Mapping Content Production and Execution
  • Style Transfer & Machine Learning Deep Neural Networks 

Some Things We Helped Make

FutureTalk has been a long time collaborator, and I keep coming back because nowhere else can I find, not just the newest sharpest tech, and a mastery of it, but so too that undiscovered, not yet perfected but mind blowing next thing & the willingness, beyond that the desire to explore it, to ideate and innovate within it, & build towards that mastery of something people barely even know exists.